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In 1980 ElektroMarket company was founded by Sabri Yiğit as the foundations of today’s Digicom Group Companies.


In 1994 by holding up the distributorship of technology leader Pioneer in Turkey and Western Europe, the company followed its way under the name of DIGICOM. The word DIGICOM consist of digital and communication words and it meant to bring all future technologies to Turkey concurrently with the whole world.  


In 1996, DIGICOM has taken the distributorship of Roadstar Home and Car Audio and Video Technology brand, in Turkey and Western Europe. 1998



In 1998, Digicom took the distributorship of Hitachi. 



DIGICOM took the distributorship of Frigidaire brand in 1999. Besides consumer electronics market the company have taken place in finance market. In the year of 1999 Çözüm Finance Factoring Company has been founded under DIGICOM umbrella.


In 2000 DIGICOM to place in a project with Doğan Holding under the name of Free TV satellite receivers with Sansui brand. DIGICOM sold approximately 1 million units less than 2 years. Free TV operation was the first step for today's digital satellite receivers systems in Turkey.

In 2002 DIGICOM has signed a new agreement in technology sector. DIGICOM has been the exclusive Turkey distributor for LCD TV system of global LG brand. And has been the pioneer for this market in parallel with the whole world. The LG distributorship has lasted until 2009. While the distributorship, DIGICOM has increased LG LCD TV's market share from 0% to 28%. Also DIGICOM created the brand awareness and made the brand positioning in Turkey.  Again in 2002 Digicom Health Company has been founded under DIGICOM group umbrella to be the distibutor for global Kodak brand and also to serve in health sector. Concurrently Digicom Health is still serving in radiology and imaging sector with the distributorships of Villa and Carestream brands.


In 2006 DIGICOM have taken place in a new market. Say Construction Technology company has been founded in construction and real estate development sector. It's first project was Starlife Silivri Villas in Silivri wich has 3 villa types and 90 villas .


As one of the DIGICOM Group Companies, Say Construction has started Starlife Göktürk Residences project in Istanbul Kemerburgaz. This project consists of 74 residences.


In 2010, there has been a lot of different starts under DIGICOM umbrella. First of all Say Construction Company has started Starlife Güzelce project wich consists of 10 villas in Istanbul Güzelce. Again in the same year, DIGICOM embodied Conti Electrical Small Household Appliances brand. DIGICOM started to create a new product range for Conti brand that has a 40 years experience in the market. In 2010 DIGICOM entered a completely new sector. Eco Friendly Ekomis Company has been founded to produce and sell fully degradable cleaning assistants and household products like Garbage Bags, Freezer Bags, Aluminium Foils, PVC Cling Films etc.. A modern and high technology production plant with a covered area of 30.000 sqm. located at Çerkezköy Industrial Trade Zone.